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My Journey Home-4 Videos
"Andrew Lam's Story of Returning to Vietnam and entering his old home and visiting with his relatives left behind."

On Becoming a Writer-4 Videos
"Andrew Lam gave an honest and soul searching talk about his process of becoming a writer and what it's like to be a Vietnamese immigrant who has literary aspirations."

Slingshot- 4 Videos
Andrew Lam reading Slingshot, a short story in his new book, Birds of Paradise."

Stories by Andrew Lam for The Nation:

Stories Include:

When Monks Get Mad

September 27, 2007

If you think the Buddhist monks challenging the military regime in Myanmar are passive and peaceful, think again.

More Like It Hot

May 29, 2007

To live and dine in California, where one in four is an immigrant, is to sit at a global table. And a bland national cuisine is heating up.

US Silence Muzzles Vietnam's Dissidents

April 13, 2007

Vietnam is experiencing its worst crackdown on human rights in decades, and US policy bears part of the blame.

American Dream, Downsized

February 6, 2007

In the world's increasingly crowded cities, personal space is shrinking--and so are options for personal happiness.

Iraqi Refugees Find No Haven in US
January 23, 2007
The 3 million refugees fleeing the Iraq war and insurgency will find no welcome mat here

New American Media Articles by Andrew Lam:

Stories Include:

A Vietnamese Journey Toward the American Dream

A cliché to native-borns, the American dream nevertheless seduces the traditionally sedentary Vietnamese to travel halfway around the world.
Posted on Nov 24, 2008

Disaster, Not Olympics Fuels Patriotism in China

The Chinese government hoped the Olympics would unify China. But instead, the devastating earthquake has brought the country together.
Posted on May 28, 2008

In Aftermath of Va. Shooting, Ethnic Groups Prayed, 'Let It Be Some Other Asian'

As the country waited to learn the identity of the killer at Virginia Tech, Asian Americans held their breath, waiting to see if they would shoulder the spillover of blame for the acts of an individual.
Posted on Apr 18, 2007

Are Asians Increasingly Undergoing Plastic Surgery to Look White?

Plastic surgery is on the rise in ethnic communities across the United States, and in Asia it is as routine as having one's wisdom teeth pulled. Are these alterations an attempt to look more "white?"
Posted on Mar 31, 2007

Iraq Replaces Vietnam as Metaphor for Tragedy

Many comparisons have been made about the Iraq and Vietnam wars. But what Iraq may have finally done is not so much remind us of Vietnam as ultimately usurp it from our national psyche.
Posted on Feb 27, 2007

Living the American Dream ... in a One-Bedroom Apartment

The middle class is clinging to its precious status by contending with far smaller living spaces than those of previous generations.
Posted on Feb 7, 2007

National Defeat Day - National Liberation Day

April 30 became the birth date of an exile's culture, built on defeatism and a sense of tragic ending. But through the years, that date has come to symbolize something entirely different to this Vietnamese American.
Posted on Apr 29, 2005

Is the American Dream Still Alive?

The immigrant's hold on American soil has become increasingly tenuous, if not outright threatened.
Posted on Feb 10, 2003

Read "A Letter to My Young Self"

Published in The California Magazine

Read Letter to a Vietnamese cousin: Should you come to America?

Published in the San Francisco Chronicle
December 22, 2002

Read Viet Kieu- By Andrew Lam

"This essay, originally written for Pacific News Service, was anthologized in "New To North America", a collection of writing by U.S> immigrants, their children and grandchildren. Here it is shortened for NPR's All Things Considered."
Published: March 23, 1998

Read Vietnamese-American Dreams- By Angeilee Shah

Read about Lam's UCLA visit in which he discusses his Vietnamese-American Dreams, based on the essays in Perfume Dreams.
Published: December 1, 2005
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