Above: "Clockwise, Andrew Lam, far left, with his mother, older brother and sister shortly after their villa was attacked in the 1968 Tet offensive. A family gathering 1971 and a 1964 family portrait, minus his father, an army general who was often away fighting for the South Vietnamese forces. " 

Above: Lam and his mother outside the gate of their family house in Da Lat

Above: Andrew videotapes his uncle To Hai and other villagers in Thai Bin

Right: Andrew views the wreckage of an American plane in Thai Bin

Above: Lam reads excerpts from Perfume Dreams at the "A Taste of Vietnam" Celebration in San Francisco

Above: Lam returns to Saigon in 2004.

Above: The second largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam is in the Silicone Valley (California)


Above: Andrew Lam's Father,     General Lam Quang Thi

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